5 Mistakes in Indoor Cycling

If you are planning to take your fitness or your hobby to the next level, you should start doing indoor cycling which is an excellent way to burn your calories, improve strength and shape your lower body. However, there are numerous mistakes that people make and which will make your training less successful or sometimes they may lead to injuries. Here are the five common indoor cycling mistakes most people do and which are avoidable.

5 Mistakes in Indoor Cycling

Wrong Bike Set-up

Typically, when a person is starting a new exercise for the first time, it is a typical situation to feel intimidated or nervous to ask for assistance. Most importantly, it is essential that your bikeis set-up appropriately during your first ride, but if you don't know how to goabout it, you should request for assistance from a person who knows how to doit right, such as your instructor.

Additionally, it is crucial for every indoor cycling instructor to confirm that the bikes are correctly set-up to guarantee you a safe ride. You should not shy off or fear to request for help as it might prevent you from getting injuries you could have avoided.

Moreover, when having an indoor cycling exercise, you should select the right right indoor cycling shoes which will help youto improve your training. Typically, when choosing the shoes, you should consider features such as stiff outsole, proper fit, closures, and the cleats.

Lack of Resistance

For instance, when you get started into indoor cycling training, you need to be conservative when adjusting the resistance of your bike because if your retardation is too low, you might not achieve a good workout.

Therefore, it is essential to increase or to lower the resistance according to how your instructor asks you to do. However, you should never let anyone one to adjust the resistance for you because no one knows how much resistance you are experiencing expect yourself. More importantly, ride and achieve your goals and levels at your own pace and time.

Additionally, avoid turning the tension too high such that you are unable to turn your legs or stopping the rotation of the peddles due to the high resistance of the bike.

The Seat Height

The height of your seat is necessary, and it should be appropriately set, in a medium height because setting it too low will make you not be able to give the legs proper extending. On the other hand, raising it too high may lead to bruise groins or make you feel uncomfortable to ride. If you want the right adjustment position, ensure that your hands are in line with the bikes' seat.

Weight Distribution

It is a common mistake in indoor cycling to put all your body weight on the handlebars of the bike. However, you should note that the handlebars are supposed to give you support when cycling but not to hold the entire weight of your body.

Therefore, for you to have a proper workout, your mass should rest on the lower half of your body but not on the handlebars.


Numerous things are likely to distract you in an indoor cycling exercise. For instance, you may get absorbed by the music such that you start swaying side to side thinking that you are adding fun to your cycle. However, when you swing, you tend to put the balance on the wrong parts of the body and the bike, such as the handlebars, and it can also prevent the development of muscles on the right places.