Top 5 electric bikes for 2016: Buyer's Guide

Best electric bikes 2016

Electric bikes have become very popular and they have been embraced from all over the world mostly because of their eco-friendly nature. The modern electric bikes have been built with the cyclist's needs in mind and things like long distance travel, mountain climbing, carrying a passenger or even carrying some grocery bags have been considered. Today, there are several brands of electric bikes in the market and that is why choosing one can sometimes be overwhelming sometimes. You have to be very careful when selecting one especially if this is your first time. Before you buy, you should get to know the various brands and what each brand offers. Below are some of the factors that you should consider when purchasing an electric bike;

· Riding time per charge: This is a very important factor to consider when buying an electric bike. If you plan to ride for long hours, go for a bike whose riding performance per charge is higher. A bike that can work without a motor will also be great for long distances.

· Price: Electric bikes are not cheap but you will notice that, some of them are way too expensive than others. You should therefore have a budget and when shopping around, look at the ones that are both within your budget and have the specifications that you need.

· Features: You need to look at the features that the electric bike has and this will help you in determining whether it will fit your needs. You can look at the safety features, convenience & portability features or even the basic features like cargo basket. All these will play a big role in determining which bike to buy.

· Performance: When it comes to performance, you will have to look at things like weight, motor performance& wattage but most importantly what you exactly want the power for. It could be for occasional mountain climbing or for general road riding, for long trips or short trips. All these factors are important when looking at the bike's performance.

· Maximum speed: What you intend to do with the bike also matter. For instance, if you are to use the bike for easier movements around the neighborhood, then you may need to go for one whose maximum speed is higher.

Below are some of the 2016 electric bikes that you should consider;

1) Watseka XP Cargo electric bike

This is a cost-friendly electric bicycle that not only looks great but it also comes with several features. Its gender neutral design makes it a perfect choice for men & women of all ages & sizes. Some of its great features include;

· A 250 watt brushless motor

· A removable battery of 36V 9Ah that is long lasting( but you do not have to remove it when charging)

· It can deliver 16 to 18 miles per charge

· Its top speed is up to 14 miles per hour depending on the chosen terrain as well as the rider's weight

· A 6 speed Shimano gear

· A variable speed throttle that allows you to customize your ride fully


· Its adjustable sit & handle bars makes it fit for people of all sizes.

· Its frame is very durable

· It has a rear cargo rag & a front basket for storage

· It is cost-friendly especially as compared to similar bikes


· It is heavy and does not come in various colors

2) Haibike Xduro Race

This is a very efficient, beautifully designed electric bicycle. Some of the features that it comes with are;

· Deep-dish aero rims, streamline integrated lights & drop bars and 11-speed cassette that makes it great for racing

· Can reach up to 28 miles per hour (with highest level of pedal assist)

· A lightweight frame of around 40 pounds

· Shimano Ultegra components that provide comfort cadence in various speeds


· It offers the highest speed of up to 28 mph as compared to regular ones whose top speed is around 20mph

· Its sound drive system is generally light (because its battery & motor pack are mounted low at the center of the bike)


· It has no throttle mode but only offers pedal assist

3) Cyclamatic bike

One challenge that often comes with owning a bike is storage. With the cyclamatic bike, you will not have to worry about storage because it completely folds in half when it is not being used and therefore you can store it anywhere. Aside from its folding design, its other features include;

· A brushed motor that offers up to 20 miles of assistance in long distances and tough terrain (also works with motors if 20 miles is exceeded)

· A durable aluminum frame

· 6 gears and a bell

· 20V 10Ah lithium ion battery and reflectors

· An option to choose between assistance mode or pedal power

· A luggage rack storage

· An easy to remove, easy to charge battery


· It comes in a modern design which is gender-neutral

· It is affordable

· It comes with a warranty of 12 months

· It can work without a motor


· It does not have shocks and is also quite heavy

4) Yukon Trails Xplorer Sports Hybrid electric bicycle

This is a very economical mountain e-bike that will save you time and is great as a transport alternative. Some of its features include;

· A lithium ion removable 36V battery

· Can last for up to 31 miles per charge

· Front fork suspension for smooth ride

· a top speed of 15 miles per hour


· It has a wide seat that is quite comfortable and its a black & white color combo is really appealing


· You may need to have a professional assemble it for you if purchasing online.

5) Prodeco V5 Phantom X2

This is a beautifully designed urban bike that can generate up to 720 watts. Although it is quite heavy, it has a foldable design. Some of its features include;

· Can go for up to 30 miles per charge

· It has a top speed of up to 20 miles per hour

· Has hydraulic disc brakes, Wellgo pedals, RockShox fork and SRAM X7 drivetrain.

· Has wide tires of 26 inches

· It has a provision such as X7 8-speed mid derailleur and X7 Twist 8-speed shifter that makes riding much easier


· Its dashboard is neat and easy to use

· It is made from aircraft grade aluminum


· The motor hub has been installed at the rear end and this makes it heavy.